Who are the real anti-Cubans?

Once again, State Security uses the old tactic of trying to discredit, given its inability to come to a public debate of arguments and ideas. A debate that would have a long-awaited end, because absolutely nobody can hide the ruin they have brought to the Cuban nation. They razed it and follow by trying to sweep it up. On this occasion the attacks have been directed at the Estado de Sats project and directly at my person.

I feel the need to contextualize this reply because otherwise we would lose the true perspective of what is happening. It is no coincidence that this barrage of distortions and speculations comes from Cuba Debate, the page of Fidel Castro and his employees.

To begin, let me clarify that with regards my family history (I’m not talking about Division General Samuel Rodiles Planes, I am speaking exclusively of Manuel. G. Rodiles Planes, my father), I have a direct version of our recent history somewhat different from the official one. This is what I can understand perfectly the root of this despicable tactic of personally attacking the dissenter, from which flows the use of lies, manipulation, contempt for the other, as indispensible and essential tools.

The root has a name, Fidel Castro and company.

There are several questions I want to share publicly and believe me there are still more. I wonder:

Who really has defrauded the Cuban people?

Who has despised our rights?

Who are the real traitors?

It’s time to review a little history and to Fidel Castro and company directly, although they refuse to answer us, as they always have.

Who deceived that group of pilots and offended ad nauseum a person of the quality of Félix Pena, forcing him to commit suicide?
Who crushed the independence of the judiciary a fewe days after January of 1959?
Who lied again and again, in the face of a whole people, saying he was not a Communist and that the revolution was as green as the palm trees?

Who sentenced Huber Matos to 20 years in prison on charges of slandering the Revolution for saying it would impose communism?

Who manipulated the Cuban people saying, “Elections? What for?” in order to remain in power?

Who is responsible for the execution of scores of Cubans?

Who deceived the people into believing that Fidel Castro participated in the combat on April 19 at the Bay of Pigs, where he was not really present?

Who left the extraordinary young man Pedro Luis Boitel to die on hunger strike?

Who has subjected thousands of prisoners, political and common, to inhuman conditions and degrading treatment?

Who stripped the fruits of their labor from thousands of Cuban families promising them a prosperity that has never arrived?

Who sent, to satisfy delusions of grandeur, thousands of young Cubans to die in Africa?

Who authorized and encouraged the outrage toward thousands of Cubans wishing to leave the country, stoning their houses and provoking violence and now takes advantage of the remittances sent by their families to support a delusional and inefficient system?

Who has forced a whole people to live in conditions of hardship for so many years?

Who are principals responsible for the destruction of the entire industry, infrastructure, agriculture, housing of a nation? Who governs the country based decisions and whims that show only a great ignorance and arrogance?

Who authorized the sinking of the 13 de Marzo tugboat that killed about forty people, mostly children and women? I still remember the cynicism of Fidel Castro in front of television cameras, saying it had been an accident.

Who ordered the midair pulvarizing of two unarmed civilian planes and unscrupulously ended the lives of four people?

Who are ultimately responsible for the execution, before a firing squad and after a summary trial, of three youths in 2003?

Who ordered the brutal punishment of 75 political dissidents, for the mere fact of being free men?

Who ordered and the violent humiliation of a group of defenseless women demanding the release of their husbands and of all Cubans?

Who is responsible for the death of the young man Orlando Zapata Tamayo who asked only that he not be subjected to more beatings?

Who ordered the death of Wilman Villar Mendoza? Who ordered him to be taken to the hospital only when there was no longer any chance of saving him?

Who used violence, terror and death as a form of punishment? A practice that began from the time of the Sierra Maestra and which has always been the face paint in a theater of legality.

How many deaths are on your shoulders, how many?

Who is responsible for the stampede of Cubans seeking to leave behind all costs a situation that overwhelms? Who is responsible for the dead in the Straits of Florida? Who is responsible for so many broken families?

Those responsible are themselves the real traitors, are the true anti-Cubans, they are those who panic when there is talk of a Cuba where everyone has a voice. All their arguments are hollow words trying to deflect the finger pointing to the accused, to the principals responsible for our national tragedy.

As for us, we have little left to lose, they have managed, over 53 long years, to ruin our nation, they have managed to impose misery. At least show some embarrassment at the end.

Because however much they hold on they are out of time, Cubans are tired of their excesses. The future, where there will be no room for hatred andslovenliness, is knocking on our doors.