Who orders the beatings of the Cuban opposition? Raul Castro?

Who orders the beatings of  the Cuban opposition? Raul Castro?
In Cuba there is not transparency of any kind. We have been ruled by the same family for 56 years.

Just this last December, 2014, American President Barack Obama broke bread with the Castro brothers from Havana.This week President Obama presented credentials at Gen. Raul Castro’s palace.

Everything seems to be going according to plan, that is,  President Obama and Gen. Raul Castro’s plan. This plan is going full throttle, with legitimacy in place, spotlight in the global media and total control over the lives of almost 12 million, plus the 2 million expatriates.



Antonio Rodiles
Antonio Rodiles

Antonio G. Rodiles, physicist, researcher, civil rights advocate,  director of  The  SATS Centre has been collaborating in governance, public policy research initiatives with other Cuban civil society groups and individuals.

Think tanks in nations like the USA organize events and conduct research at ease. In Cuba, for Antonio G Rodiles, researcher/advocate, a simple stroll on a Sunday morning to go to church, has become an act of defiance to the Cuban authorities. And they let him know about it this past Sunday.

Antonio G Rodiles in his own words.



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