The Mariel’s Port?

The news about the invitation of the Cuban government to the Arabian Emirates to invest in the modernization of the Mariel’s port is not new.

The history begins over two years ago when a business group of Dubai were offering to buy various ports in the USA. Everything was moving forward until the purchase was rejected in the American Congress, where some congressman alleged a national security conflict.

After this refusal seems that this group saw in Cuba the possibility to settle down, though they wont be in American territory it will be a very nearby place. Since that, it was known that the interest was the Mariel’s port.

For the Cuban government this was a perfect offer. It would be able to build a modern port that will have a key role with the new American market that should appear in brief and at the same time they would be establishing relations with business groups that do not show any interest in the political reality of the country where they are established.

It is not a secret for nobody the poor democratic letters that have many of the petroleum countries of the Middle East. Castes nailed in the power, with a total control of the politics and the economy, have dominated for decades this part of the world. They have been another hybridize of the monopolistic models as Chinese, Russian, Mexican, etc.

Is this the type of investors that desires the Cuban government? Is this what is called to be more selective with the foreign investors? What type of law and economic reforms will be drawn the future policies of the country? These are some of the questions that the Cubans should have extensive knowledge.

In parallel to this, we have seen various international newspapers referring to the movements that are occurring in the relations of Cuba with the USA. Without doubts the Cuban government knows that this is the moment to initiate a new relation and is trying to prompt them.

Nevertheless something that turns out to be significant is that all the Cuban officials that have given statements on this issue have coincided indicating that do not exist themes of the internal policies on the discussion table. Then, no plan with regard to the individual liberties of the Cubans exists.

What scenario they are presenting us for the immediate future?

I believe that is not necessary to analyze to deeply to see that the new period that has begun brings as seal the phrase of “Economic Opening and Political crush”

Nevertheless it will remain to see until where they will decrease the economic controls, because the signals are not very encourage as soon as refers to new opportunities for Cubans

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