State of Sats in New York University


Sats in NYU

Antonio G. Rodiles, Claudio Fuentes, and Ailer Gonzalez

The State of SATS is an ongoing project that was initiated in 2010 by independent activists, artists, and writers in Havana. The group borrowed the term SATS from Scandinavian theater anthropology to signify the starting point of action and the opposite direction from which the movement unfolds. The goal of the project is to maintain a space for open debate and pluralism of thought. The group believes that free thought and critically engaged art form the foundation of a public sphere that is independent from the official culture managed by the Cuban state.

The State of SATS organizes public discussions on social and political issues, film screenings, art exhibits. The State of SATS also videotapes its group discussions with scholars and critics on a range of topics. Their videotaped discussions are available on line at Their public events in Cuba are subject to surveillance and police intervention and group members have been arrested on several occasions. In 2012, Estado de SATS founder Antonio Rodiles was held in police custody for nineteen days.

Earlier this year, the group produced a documentary about the history of Acts of Repudiation as an intimidation tactic against political opponents and non-conformists entitled Gusano.

Estado de SATS members also participate in international human rights conferences outside Cuba. Their principal political initiative is the Campaign for Another Cuba, which focuses on pressuring the Cuban government to honor the terms of two agreements that it signed in 2008: the International Covenants on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights.

Estado de SATS activities are organized by Antonio Rodiles and Ailer Gonzalez, both of whom will be present at the September 26th event. Photographer and SATS core group member Claudio Fuentes will also be present.

The event will be in Spanish.

The event is free and open to the public.

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