Protest Campaign and New Meeting

The visit of Benedict XVI demonstrated the inordinate fear of the Cuban government before the accelerated growth of civil society and new political actors within the island. The wave of arrests and incarcerations made clear the worsening of the repression and the determination to exercise rigid control through the use of force agasint any scenario they consider a threat to their remaining in power.

As social actors and activists we have a duty to show the reality of the helplessness that confronts any Cuban citizen when he or she decides to reclaim or to openly exercise his or her most basic rights.

We are discussing the future of Cuba today. The support and backing of the protest campaign initiated in the last few days is essential; the Cuban government must know that it cannot act with total impunity. The international community must speak out and condemn these repressive actions; this will be a great support for Cuban civil society, and a call to cease these actions of violation.

Estado de SATS, as a part of this campaign of protests, announces a new meeting this coming Saturday, April 7, at 10:30 am, to report on and show solidarity with all those who suffered repressive actions during the already notorious “Vote of Silence” operation.

Organizing Team of Estado de SATS