Police Operation to Prevent Estado de Sats Meeting

On Friday, August 10, in the vicinity of the headquarters of Estado de Sats, an operation was undertaken by State Security, with the participation of the police force, to prevent the public from attending the screening of the documentary Knockout, in our space: Cinema At All Costs.

It appears that the option of a repudiation rally, which they were planning and which we gained knowledge of and denounced, was changed for this operation, in which the following people (known to us, so far) were arrested and taken to different police stations:

David Canela

Bartolo Márquez

David Ávila

Rene Ramón González

Walfrido  López

Eugenio Leal

Alejandro Zaldívar

All were released hours later with the exception of Eugenio who was still being held as this note was being prepared.

Others attending were denied access to the site.