O Globo covers Cuba’s civil society plight, and the US media?

For many years Cubans from all sides, have complained that the lack of coverage and or interest of the American media covering issues related to Cuba is the rule rather than the exception. And if the commercial serves us well, the US media does not often speak about Cuba but when they do, the coverage is usually about cigars, beaches, old cars, music and the “absolute failure” of the US policy.

O Globo all the way down in the south is covering the systematic Cuban government repression in detail, while the US media, with notable exceptions, continues to ignore it.

Why does the US media continues to ignore events that have been happening for a long time 90 miles away from American shores? We can not quite understand, for other events get saturation levels coverage.We can not ascertain it is a concerted effort, personal biases or political leanings interfering in which Cuban news are to be published, and which stories, are to be killed, or even is there a time there will be c inquiries but one has to wonder, why is there a double standard being applied by editors of US media outlets when it comes to Cuba content.

With the application of the new US Cuba policy deal, we do expect that the media will get serious and start covering news on Cuba in a meaningful way.