Mecanicism vs Autogeneration

After more than one century of the existence of the Republic, we have arrived again to a crucial moment. We need to reform many elements of our nation to leave behind those ballasts that make us to repeat the same errors. I believe that the solution in theory is simple but in practice involves a systematic effort. The key point seems to be building a system based on solid and reliable institutions and not in individual prominences, institutions that are rest in a system of weight and counterweights.

What are the essential ingredient that should have this system of institutions and balances? The fundamental ingredient is the individual. The individual is the only real base of an stable society and when I say individual I refer evidently to those that are able at the same time to conceived themselves as social being and individuals. I believe that this is the key point of the societies: to achieve that equilibrium between the private and the social being. On the other hand this point of equilibrium is not static, but has evolved according to the needs of each epoch.

The society as any other system fallows its own laws at the global level that are established by complicated connections and mechanisms. To intend to control this highly complex system by a central command is a terrible error, that has been the main error of the socialism and the monopolistic capitalism. This mechanistic and clock mentality, as in the Descartes thought, have been overcome in science many years ago, nevertheless not in the social thought. The mechanists thinks about the world as a complex clock system, that although complex, permitted us to find an exact description.

What are the totalitarian systems but a reflection of that vision? The totalitarian vision think that a human being or a close group of people can exercise control and effective management above all the society. Even they can achieve results of organization and more efficient justice than in the case of the open society. Nevertheless in practice this social engineering has turned out in repeated and extensive failures.

When we analyze a complex system as the society and we take into account all the variables that intervene we understand that is completely impossible to build a model that give us a just description and at the same time permit us to do predictions with acceptable accuracy. Too many random processes exist that can bring completely unexpected results.

What is then the lesson? The solution rests in taking as point of reference the minimum intervention on the system and then begin to add the necessary constrictions, in other words, to add alone those aspects that need to be controlled and to leave the remainder to find its own equilibrium. It is evident that do not exist a golden rule to know with accuracy those aspects but it is clear that a democratic system will give us the tools and the media to find those balances. The learning is evidently a process of test and error.

Only a democratic and open society will dictate the ways of solution to each error that find. Only the open society has the capacity to rebirth. This marvelous capacity is part of the mechanisms that have the life systems.

The failure of the totalitarian systems is produced due to the fact that they cancel those mechanisms of auto generation. When centralizing all the powers, the resource to reform is annulled, and the system became too heavy and inert, as a consequence, generates its own collapse. This analysis includes the apparition of new social relations that can cause the collapse of a system that face another with a greater efficiency in the balance of the individual and the society.

The human society is like an organism that travels for a process of growth and evolution. I believe that the vision of our world with own resemblance characteristics, where we can see global level phenomena or dynamic that then will be repeated to micro level or vice versa, sometimes this vision results very useful to understand apparently insoluble phenomena.

If we observed with a magnifier a moment of the growth of the humanity we would come to the conclusion that we are near of the Apocalypse, nevertheless when we analyze in global form the system we can conclude that the movement has carried us to very clear improvements which evidently are not exempt of new conflicts. All this thanks to that we inhabit in a more open world and interrelated.

In the particular case of our country I consider that the main step to leave this great stagnation is to free the individual initiative, to permit that the individual can develop his potentials in all the aspects of his life, spiritual, economic, political, in short, each facet of his life. To achieve this purpose we have to have as premise the so much political like economic exclusion of all kind of totalitarianism.

It is a fact that Cuba will be in a nearby future a plural and more open society, of how be that transit will depend on the success that we have to rebirth us as nation.

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