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At SATS authors, artists, and reseachers have been supporting the studies being conducted by Tania Bruguera, who is investigating the intersection between Art and Social Activism.

Ms. Bruguera is a thinker, known for conceptualism and creating «uncomfortable situations» in «uncomfortable spaces» in other words, a nightmare for establishment types, in a well thought out and impeccably crafted  Thought +Art = Action pattern.

Here  Cubanet  reports and we cite:

HAVANA, Cuba – On the afternoon of Sunday 24, at the headquarters of the International Institute of Activism Hannah Arendt, located on the street 214 Tejadillo in Old Havana, the performance ended 100 hours of reading the book «The Origins of Totalitarianism «conducted for the Havana Biennial, by artist Tania Bruguera. Then, when you close the doors of the institution and go to the street, Bruguera was arrested by the forces of State Security, and hours later released.

The political police mounted an intense police operation until about 5:30 pm. More than one hundred plainclothes officers roamed the reading center, while several patrol cars, a truck filled with members of the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) and a minibus with a dozen soldiers, awaited the order to arrest the artist and their guests.

The work, which began last May 20 had a wide participation, especially US domestic and foreign public. It consisted of the reading, analysis and discussion of the book of Hannah Arendt.

Bruguera said: «This performance is part of the project of the International Institute of Activism. I hope to contribute to the understanding of the role played and efficiency that has the art as an agent of social change. «

Yania Suarez, narrator, a contributor to several international publications and permanent participant of the performance, told CubaNet: «On Saturday 23, Tomas Sanchez, a Cuban artist living in the United States, invited Tania to visit his exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts. He could not enter, two police forbade state security. «

«The officers told him he was looking for trouble at the Biennale. She has a work in that institution within the permanent collection. Also Gorki Águila, a musician in the rock band Porno para Ricardo was arrested when he tried to put in one of the walls of the building a picture of Danilo Maldonado, «he added.

Contact Cubanet: ernestogardiaz@gmail.com

Close the citation.

All though US Cuba policy changed, this change has not benefited regular Cubans. Migration to the United States spiked a 118% in the last 3 months as its been widely reported. We believe there are two main forces driving these numbers up.

a) The rumor on the streets in Cuba: US immigration laws will change, Cubans may loose the right to a Green Card».

Its common knowledge there are currently initiatives on this issue in the US House.

b) The everyday live for the Cubans:

a) The rumor on the streets in Cuba: US immigration laws will change, Cubans may loose the right to a Green Card».

Its common knowledge there are currently initiatives on this issue in the US House.

b) The everyday live for the Cubans:

1- General Raul Castro is doing great, his people too, everyone knows his family controls everything, including them, all the businesses, the possibilities of decision making. All of it. Including the little entrepreneurship allowed.

2-The economy is not looking better for Cuban households either.

3-In Cuba we as Cubans can not legally engage in business dealings directly with investors, hedge funders, venture capitalists.

4-Cubans in general do not see there leaders to come to their rescue. Cubans see millions of workers being reshuffled into military /foreign investors ventures.

Cubans want:

1-Power to decide what kind of education kids should receive. What schools they will attend.

2-Electing or voting out those that don’t perform the way it is expected of them. System that works for the people not against them.

3-Being able to deign the future in simple, yet key ways.

And a long list of things people do around the world but often take for granted.

With the Social Media first as a phenomena, now as a way of life, Cubans want to aspire to pursue, decide, and these two are nonnegotiable in Cuba today. Everyone must always obey the ruling family or face consequences.

SATS predicts a quantitative rise in Cubans migrating.

SATS is making an urgent plea to leaders as well as to those involved in some form of policy conversations with the Cuban government to ask them to immediately stop all forms of violence regular Cubans. Cubans have the right to do about our lives the way we choose, and those decisions belong only to that person.



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