• Alexis Jardines en SATS -2010
    Charla ofrecida por el Dr Alexis Jardines en el encuentro Estado de Sats. La Habana 23-25 de Julio 2010
  • Alexis Jardines en SATS 2010 (I)
    Dr Alexis Jardines en estado de Sats. La Habana 23-25 de Julio 2010.
  • Alexis Jardines II
    Dr Alexis Jardines en estado de Sats. La Habana 23-25 de Julio 2010.
  • Alexis Jardines IV
    Dr Alexis Jardines en Estado de Sats. La habana 23-25 de Julio 2010.
  • Ana Maria Socarras I
    Lic. Ana Maria Socarras en estado de Sats. La Habana 23-25 de Julio 2010.
  • Ana Maria Socarras II
    Lic. Ana Maria Socarras en Estado de Sats. La Hbana 23-25 de Julio 2010.

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The United Nations Covenants, Five Years Later

Five years after Cuba’s representative signed the United Nations Covenants on Civil and Political Rights and on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the situation with regards to fundamental rights in Cuba remains precarious. The violation of fundamental rights is not only a part of the repressive apparatus of the State, but our national legislation itself […]

The UN Covenants. Cuba, 5 years later.

You can be part of this panel via sms by sending your questions to (535) 3716460 and receive real-time response via @porotracuba #ratificapactos #cincoañosynada #porotracuba #Cuba @estadodesats Be part of the change, we will throw these false barriers. Cuba changes if you want!

For another Cuba Campaign and State of SATS invites to “The UN Covenants: Cuba, 5 years later”.

invitación al Panel Los Pactos 5 años después con etiqueta

Five years after the Cuban government signed the UN pacts: What is the situation of civil and political rights of economic social and cultural rights in Cuba? How much grows For another Cuba campaign and what has been the government response? What are the realistic expectations for change in short and medium terms? All these […]

Campaign “For Another Cuba”: A Commitment to Change

Campaign “For Another Cuba”: A Commitment to Change

by Miriam Celaya 6 August 2012 Logo created by Garrincha for the campaign Several weeks ago the document “Citizen Demand for another Cuba” was released, signed by hundreds of Cubans on the island and the diaspora, demanding that the government put into practice immediately the legal and political guarantees endorsed in the Universal Declaration of […]

Cuban Government’s Repressive Wave Against UNPACU

These are the names of the activists arrested, that they have given us so far, we do not know the exact number of arrests. Holguín: Rolando López Martínez Jesús Aguilera Villaruela Antonio Caballero Pupo Luis Miguel Gómez Hernández Bernardo Torres Roldán Alberto García Silva Maidalis Guerrero Silva Yoandra Guerrero Silva Maris Rosa Rodríguez Silva Santiago […]

Cuban Government’s Repression Against UNPACU

A few days ago a document signed by the coordinators of the Campaign For Another Cuba warned of the growing repression by the Cuban government against Civil Society and the possible consequences of these actions for our country. At this time in Eastern Cuba, the activists of the Cuban Patriotic Union (UNPACU) are repressed and […]

Police Operation to Prevent Estado de Sats Meeting

On Friday, August 10, in the vicinity of the headquarters of Estado de Sats, an operation was undertaken by State Security, with the participation of the police force, to prevent the public from attending the screening of the documentary Knockout, in our space: Cinema At All Costs. It appears that the option of a repudiation rally, […]

Note from Estado de SATS

This morning we heard through a friend that on Thursday the workers of the Labiofam company were notified that they would participate, today, in an act of repudiation* in front of the Estado de Sats headquarters. A few minutes ago we returned from the Fifth Station of the PNR (National Revolutionary Police), located at 7th Avenue and 62nd […]

Granma Newspaper: The Lies And The Cynicism

Granma Newspaper: The Lies And The Cynicism

 The recent editorial by the newspaper Granma clearly defines the mediocrity and poverty of thought of a system that now howls desperately at its approaching end. The text is an apology to the cynicism of the elite and those who serve it, who try to discredit and silence the independent voices that spring from Cuban society, and so conceal […]

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Una demanda ciudadana por la ratificación de los pactos de la ONU

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