(Original Post: Forum Analysis (FORA) SATS: an approach to the present and future of Cuba.)

As part of the growth of our project we have created a new section that will work in research and dissemination of proposals and visions with direct impact on the present and future of our nation. Here we present this new initiative.

Analysis Forum (FORA) SATS: an approach to the present and future of Cuba.

In Cuban society manifest trends with a strong interest in the modernization, pluralization and integration into the globalization process. In response to this pressure from the Communist Party proposes a renewed socialism and functional, it is and will be only an illusion. FORA, part of the modernization trends, pluralistic society, based on knowledge management and academic debate.

What is FORA?

FORA analysis is a group comprised of citizens interested in contributing to the study, discussion, analysis and proposals concerning the current state of national problems. Part of the methodological approach, based on the concept of complexity that characterizes contemporary societies.

1) Study and contextualize the national reality, from a multidisciplinary perspective and plural.
2) To propose to the general public, developing alternatives and variants that contribute to the understanding of the problem and allow implementing national development policies.
3) Creating discussion forums, that enable the modernization of the nation and its integration into the globalization process.
4) Promote the exchange of ideas, approaches and projects with other centers and focus groups and thought, inside and outside the country.


FORA projects into the stability of a center for studies and strategic analysis can generate actions that influence policy.


It is a core of four, under the responsibility of a coordinator who work structure. The core will invite personalities, intellectuals, interest groups or centers of national and overseas to participate in discussions and presentations.


1st Meeting of thematic analysis.
Presentations 1.b texts, studies and materials of common interest.
2.a Create a communication system to make the results of our investigations or other interest.
2.b provide a platform for information which will progressively affect the installation of public policies favorable to the development of the country.
3.a Develop public discussion boards and internal.
3.b. Leveraging diversity of technological supports to disseminate social scientific thinking.
Invite 3.c forums specialists, individuals, institutions or groups that enrich.
4th Set cooperation and communication systems with centers and academic groups and teachers.
4.b Identify and promote joint with previous protocols.

Analysis Forum
November 12, 2011

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