Expo “Veto Unido” (February 7, 2013)

One day before the general elections to Cubans Parliament and Provincial Assemblies of Popular Power, we  invite you to the collective  Expo “United Veto”. Lead by Boris Glez., Luis Trapaga, Gorki Aguila and Claudio Fuentes, in the I LIVE ABOVE alternative space. Sponsored by Campaign PorOtraCuba.

POETRY FESTIVAL Opening 14 ENDLESS State of SATS [Dec 12, 2012]


Director: Luis Eligio D Omni Camera: Luis Eligio D Omni Attendance: Kizzy Macias.

Exciting and fast video showing the opening of Endless Poetry Festival 2012 this December 10th in State Sats, with independent Project Fair. A day full of joy, many followers and many testimonials. This Fair is an unprecedented activity in Cuba today.


CLIC Festival

This video shows some moments of what happened in the CLIC Festival in Havana. in the month of June 2012.


Expo of Graffity Artist “El Sexto”


Crocodile Smile Political Humor


Project Fair: 13 Poetry Festival endless OMNI


Preparing the Project Fair in 13 Poetry Festival endless OMNI


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