Program: SATS without Antonio G. Rodiles (November 16, 2012)
SATS  will hold this session under an exceptional status, caused by the crackdown of our coordinator Antonio G. Rodiles, who’s being unfairly prosecuted by the Cuban judicial system and now absent from this program for the first time in two years.

Participating today are author, artist and human rights advocate Ailer Gonzalez,  author Ángel Santiesteban, attorney Veizant Boloy,  blogger Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo will lead.

The visit of Benedict XVI and operation Vow of Silence
A panel with Berta Soler, Wilfredo Vallin, Reinaldo Escobar, Ismael de Diego on the visit of Benedict XVI and the police operation called Vow of Silence, which repressed and try to silence the voice of Cuban civil society.

Cuba Cultural Exchange SATS-U.S., Part II, Part III.

Art and social activism in SATS. Part II

Art and Social Activism in SATS. Part I

AJC in SATS. Inviolability of the home.

The media in Cuba today. SATS

The detention. AJC in SATS

Manuel Cuesta Morua in SATS

Pedro Campos and Boris Gonzalez in SATS

Boris Gonzalez Pedro Campos and sharing with the public.

Rafael Rojas in SATS IPart II, Part III

Independent projects and Censorship.

Futures and Visions of Cuba: Part IPart II – Questions from the audience
Yoani Sanchez and Wilfredo Vallin – July 2011. Introducing the panel on futures and visions of Cuba  meeting, held in Havana on July 16, 2011. Invited: Yoani Sanchez and Wilfredo Vallin. Moderator Antonio G. Rodilles.
Art and Literature Panel

We present the panel of art and literature. The moderation panel was led by Monica Lizabel. Ruben participated in panel Cruces (curator, project Xoho), Ciro Diaz, a member of the group Porno para Ricardo, Raul Flores, his project: the magazine 33 and 1/tercio.

Young people who have begun to realize their dreams of a independent in Cuba today and share with us your experiences.


First Annual Meeting – Futures and Visions of Cuba in July 2010, PART II​​PART IIIPART IVPART VPART VIPART VIIVIII PARTPART IXX PART
Romina Ruiz, Gabriel Calaforra, Dmitri Prieto, Alexis Jardines, Roberto Veiga.
Moderator: Antonio G Rodiles


Esther Cardoso, Glenda Salazar, Luis Eligio Perez, Roberto Zurbano.
Moderator: Victor Fowler

Cuban and global perspective: 2030 by Jorge Calaforra. II ParteIII ParteIV Parte

Cuba: premodernity and Think tanks by Alexis Gardens. II ParteIII ParteIV Parte

Complexity and societyII ParteIII Parte

A quick glance by Antonio G Rodiles.

Cuba’s economy at the crossroads: internal and external crisis. by Carmelo Mesa Lago.


1) physical production of goods (Table 2), say that the figures are

in billions of tons and are in thousands of tons.
2) When tracing the historical economic dependence first mention Cuba

Spain and by mistake I jump to the U.S., after the USSR mention.

Master Plan for XXI Century Havana. Juan Carlos Toledo. II ParteIII ParteIV Parte

Imagination and generation in the Cuban social project. Calos Simon. II ParteIII ParteIV Parte

Epistemology, Cognitive Science and Neural Networks: towards a plural in construction area of ​​knowledge by Antonio Correa. II ParteIII Parte

Contemporary Cuban Art? Seventy or Generation? Projects alternative vs the plastic arts in the official media by Ana Maria Socarras. II ParteIII ParteIV Parte