Concerts and Readings

Concert and presentation of the album People without money the group Students Without Seed (24 October 2012)
CUBA changes if you want!
In support of the Campaign For Another Cuba for ratification of the UN Covenants

Concert in support of the Campaign For Another Cuba (Sept. 28, 2012)
Free Concert Hop OMNI” By David D Peace and Love” in support of the Campaign For Another Cuba that requires the government’s ratification of the UN Covenants. Guests, Students reggae group pitted Anderson rapper and poets Amaury Pacheco and Luis Eligio Perez OMNIZONAFRANCA. This concert began a series of artistic proposals for the Campaign. From Art By Another Cuba also work.

Juan Carlos Flores on SATS. (Spanish Reading)
We present the poet Juan Carlos Flores reading his poetry book  Vegas Town.

Cuban Zoho
On July 16, 2011 was held in Havana the second annual meeting of State of SATS. The Cuban Zoho groupgave us a magnificent concert we share with you and hope you enjoy.

Concert: Sekou of Anonymous Council (Sep 3m 2011)

Danae Blanco

Luis Eligio – OMNI group

Raudel Collazo- Patriot Squadron (Escuadrón Patriota)

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