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Monthly archives for May, 2012

Property Liberalization and Recovery ...

Property Liberalization and Recovery of Idle Lands and Dilapidated Properties: A Necessary Step for Initiating a Recovery Process

Antonio G. Rodiles Introduction The centralized and planned economy is closely linked to state ownership. For a process of economic decentralization to be successful, there must be a parallel process of decentralizing property. The Cuban government has undertaken timid reforms with the objective of restarting the economy without making fundamental transformations. The lack of integrity, […]

Comments on an Editorial in the Journ...

Comments on an Editorial in the Journal “Lay Space”

Posted on May 25, 2012 by Alexis Jardines and Antonio Rodiles The most recent editorial in the Cuban Catholic Church’s journal Lay Space (Espacio Laical) put on the table for discussion, once again, several critical points regarding the course that should be taken in the Cuban transition. First, we have to say that we find […]

Cuba: The Castro Regime, the Catholic...

Cuba: The Castro Regime, the Catholic Church and the Transition to Democracy

Antonio G. Rodiles and Alexis Jardines The Cuban regime is fully aware that time is not on its side and so it has launched a final ascent, in an attempt to transmute its economic and political power. The country is mired in a suffocating inertia that doesn’t support even simple measures of survival. Cuban society […]