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The UN Covenants. Cuba, 5 years later.

You can be part of this panel via sms by sending your questions to (535) 3716460 and receive real-time response via @porotracuba #ratificapactos #cincoañosynada #porotracuba #Cuba @estadodesats Be part of the change, we will throw these false barriers. Cuba changes if you want!

For another Cuba Campaign and State of SATS invites to “The UN Covenants: Cuba, 5 years later”.

invitación al Panel Los Pactos 5 años después con etiqueta

Five years after the Cuban government signed the UN pacts: What is the situation of civil and political rights of economic social and cultural rights in Cuba? How much grows For another Cuba campaign and what has been the government response? What are the realistic expectations for change in short and medium terms? All these […]

Academic Exchange on Law and Human Rights in Cuba

Academic Exchange on Law and Human Rights in Cuba

With the independent Cuban attorneys Yaremis Flores and Laritza Diversent (Cubalex), René Gómez Manzano (Agramontista Current), Antonio G. Rodiles (Mathematical Physicist) and students from the Benjamin N. Cardozo Law School of New York. This video is 44 minutes long. There is a live interpreter translating the session into English in real time.

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