About State of SATS


State of SATS: confluence of art and thought.

Cuban civil society is seeking a greater role that allows you to take control of the future of our nation. There is a strong interest in creating a parallel reality to which the Cuban government decreed from totalitarian position in trying to marginalize any manifestation rebellious and independent. We believe that in this world of information and knowledge publicly exercise our right to freedom of expression is a basic and necessary step for the growth of civil society. The critical thinking and art are essential elements that remove the limits and destructure old skeletons.


What is State of SATS?

State of SATS is a space where different visions, from art, thought and social activism, come together and affect the sketch of a diverse and plural Cuba. We work in reporting and proposal development projects that generate and develop, directly or indirectly, more spacious and coordinates related to our times. Within the project inhabit different sections merge into a contemporary vision of the Cuban nation.
SATS State projects into the stability of a cultural and educational space can generate actions to influence the thinking and policies of the country.

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  1. Arcadio

    August 23, 2013

    Desgraciadamente, para bien o para mal la caída del régimen provocara un trauma sicológico en la gente de Cuba.Ojalá puedan incluir en la próxima conferencia alguna ponencia sobre un posible proceso de saneamiento sicológico de la sociedad post-castro. Hay alguien que pueda hablar sobre ese tema? Se habla de los problema políticos, económicos y derechos humanos, pero a mi entender, eso es solo parte de la gran tarea a la que se enfrentara la gente en Cuba. Si ya han tratado este tema en otra conferencias, donde se puede leer el material? Gracias, por el trabajo y el sacrificio que están haciendo. Saludos.


  2. gerardo martinez

    November 19, 2013

    Mantengamonos juntos trabajando y lograremos recuoerar nuestra nacion.

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