State of SATS is the confluence of Art and Thought.

Cuban civil society groups are seeking to play greater roles within Cuban society at large.  SATS is part of that effort. Its allowing us gain back control of our destiny and design the future we wish for our families and with the best interest of our nation in mind. We are creating our own reality, one parallel to the Cuban government’s  totalitarian system and positions which are all programmed to marginalize and crush all forms of independent or rebellious behavior.

In this era where knowledge and information are freely shared, where debate is seen as playing a vital role in the survival of humankind, we believe that exercising the right to freedom of expression is a fundamental and necessary step for the growth of civil society in our country and fundamental to our survival as a nation. We also believe Art and Critical thinking are essential elements needed to remove old skeletons and brake the barriers that are limiting our growth.


What is Estado de SATS?

Estado de SATS ( a state of SATS)  is a space where authors, artists, academics, politicians, civil and human rights advocates, analysts meet to discuss, study and research issues and policies that have bearing on the lives of Cubans.

Estado de SATS projects are aimed at generating products that will  directly or indirectly have a impact related to our times. Within SATS inhabit a wide range of projects all merging into a contemporary vision of the Cuban nation.
As a Cultural and Educational space SATS is hoping in generating action to influence Thought and Policy in the country.